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Armand Premo

Has anyone painted the interior of light colored house cars a dark color ? Armand Premo----- Original Message -----
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> I have used a very thin wash of light grey as a base for weathering light colored cars.
> Use a variety of the light greys available to get contrasting shades. I mix this at 5%
> paint & 95% thinner. Once satisfied with the look, I go back with grey chalks to
> highlight the sides and hardware
> Or, do it 1/2 yellow & 1/2 orange to show the results to the
> base colors. Then blend in the chalks to highlight.
>Final note, use the finest setting on your
> air brush to keep from over flowing the wash on the car sides.


Thank you for the ideas. I will give them a try today as I continue to experiment with a WFEX reefer. I hadn't tumbled to the idea that the chalks can highlight as well as darken...


Charles Hostetler

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