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Turnout is a model railroad term used to avoid confusion with certain toggle
or push-button power routing devices.

Fer instance when Otto tells Lyle to “through switch 8” so he can use block
#8 just as poor Richards runs through turnout #8 causing his brand new Kohs
and Company O scale Big Boy to the floor.

But some modelers, notably guy whose name escape through some of the holes
had a rather well known railroad called the “troll and Elfin.” I think his
last name was Knott’s and possibly Richard for a first name. Anyway, one of
the neat scenes on the layout was a cemetery named “Knotts Bury Farm.” In
one of his articles he said about switches “No, dadgum, I do not have

Whether the term originated with Lin Westcott I have no idea.

John Hagen

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I agree with Mike. "Throwing a turnout"Â (and "throwing a switch")Â is
commonly used by those who work in the railroad industry (although it is not
usually literally done in anger)...

Harumpf! The operating people on a railroad have very little idea what a
turnout is, since all they deal with is the switch.

As I'm prone to say, "A switchman can line a switch, but it takes the whole
track gang to line a turnout."


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