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John Hagen <sprinthag@...>

So when I finally finish my HO model of the GB&W 0-6-0 #145 I should refer
to it as a "turnout engine?"

I've been following all this and I was somewhat surprised that there is such
a term used on the prototype albeit mostly limited to the engineering
departments. For model railroading purposes operating department jargon is
most commonly used thus the possible confusion of the term "switch" with the
very similar sounding term "switch."

John Hagen

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You probably sent this before seeing the other responses, but this is not
correct. Turnout is most definitely a prototype railroad term, used by
railroad employees (track department) to denote the entire assemblage of the
apparatus that allows a train to journey forth on one of two (or three)
tracks, Switch is also a prototype railroad term used by both the operating
department and the track department to denote the moving parts of a turnout.
As Tony clarified in his second message, the use of turnout was not invented
as a model railroad term, but the insistence on never using "switch" was an
editorial decision...

BTW, did Mr. Westcott call the location of the lever that operated the
switch, and the target indicating switch position, the "turnout stand"? If
not, I suggest the futility of the decision is self-evident ;^)



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