Re: KCS Covered Hoppers series 29600-29649 and 29650-29749

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lloyd keyser wrote:
These four bay 40'-2" cars, built in 1946, were slab side all riveted construction. Possibly pre PS2 all welded cars? . . . Were they only loaded in cement? Were they on line cars only?
Certainly pre-PS-2, as that design did not come into being until some years past 1946. They would also have had square hatches. In that day, covered hoppers were very predominantly used for cement, but you would need to find out if these might be exceptions. The four bays suggests a possibly non-cement use, as cement is pretty dense, and a 40-ft. car of cement would need to have more than 70 tons capacity, just at a guess.
Cement is produced at many locations around North America, is not a high-value product, and so is not usually transported long distances. But whether that keeps KCS cement traffic entirely on line, I don't know. Try Googling cement plants in the states served by KCS and see what you find.

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