Roller Bearing advantage


Well...what the hell...everyone else seems to have commented on some part of this subject so why not me?

From The Steam Locomotive by Ralph Johnson, Chief Engineer of Baldwin Locomotive Works, 1942, "Roughly it may be said , that the ratio of resistance in starting a car equipped with roller bearings, as compared to one equipped with solid bearings is eight to one in favor of the roller bearing". "As the speed of the train increases the difference in frictional resistance between the two types of bearings decreases rapidly, and above 10 mph the difference becomes very small. In cold weather the starting resistance of a train with solid bearings is quite high and therefore the acceleration of a train equipped with roller bearings is aided very materially". " As a general propostion it may be stated that, by the use of roller bearings, the journal friction will be reduced 50% at starting, approximately 10% from 5 to 35 mph and nothing above 35 mph".

Reckon he knows anything?

What do I call non roller bearings? Depends upon how many beers I have consumed.

Mike Brock

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