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Much appreciate the clarification, Richard. I confess to being one of those who has used the term incorrectly, most likely because of its general usage. Proof again that if you tell an untruth often enough, it soon passes for the truth.


Michael Gross
La CaƱada, CA

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Several times lately I have noticed members of this group using the
term "friction bearings" to differentiate solid bearings from roller
bearings, despite objections on previous occasions from myself, Tony
Thompson, and others. The correct terminology for solid truck
bearings is "solid." "Plain bearings" is an acceptable alternative.
"Friction bearings" is wrong and misleading. All bearings have
friction, including roller bearings. "Friction bearing" was invented
as an advertising ploy by roller bearing manufacturers to imply,
incorrectly, that roller bearings were frictionless. In fact, though
roller bearings have much less starting resistance than solid
bearings, they have considerable friction which - as with other
bearings - increases as load and speed increase. The term "friction
bearings" was never adopted by railroad mechanical engineers, who
knew better; it does not appear in the dictionary section of any
edition of the Car Builders' Cyclopedia. So please, guys, don't
perpetuate the mistake of calling solid bearings "friction" bearings.

Richard Hendrickson

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