Throwing Turnouts, was Re: Truck bearings: Solid vs. RB

George Simmons

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I agree with Mike. "Throwing a turnout" (and "throwing a switch") is commonly used by those who work in the railroad industry (although it is not usually literally done in anger)...
Harumpf! The operating people on a railroad have very little idea what a turnout is, since all they deal with is the switch.
I don't know it I would necessarily agree with that as a blanket statement. I have MOP employee timetables from the 1950's, in the Special instructions item 3-C is titled "THROUGH TURNOUTS AND CROSSOVERS, AND SPRING SWITCHES". So, I would expect that the trainmen and yard crews would know what the turnout was even if they only lined the points.

George Simmons
Dry Prong, LA

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