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Dave Evans wrote:
In the cyc's definition of terms, there are two entries - one for Journal Bearings, and one for Roller bearings. There are also a WHOLE bunch of entries for "Journal xxx", but no "journal roller bearing", or "roller journal bearing". The definition of journal is the part of an axle or shaft on which the journal bearing rests.
The 1953 Cyc has this definition for Roller Bearing: "The general term applied to a group of journal bearings which depend on the rolling action of a set of rollers in order to reduce rotational friction."
To me this is pretty clear evidence of calling all these bearings "journal bearings" whether or not roller bearings were involved. That's why I would object to terming a solid bearing as merely a "journal bearing," because in railroad definition that is not separated from a roller bearing.

But I would note that the terms "friction bearing", "plain" bearing and "solid" bearing do not appear in the cyclopedia. Anti-friction bearing does appear in some of the ads to describe roller bearings.

In the same Cyc, you will find that Magnus refers to their bearings as solid bearings. Railway Age ads and editorial material use both "solid" and "plain" as adjectives for conventional journal bearings.

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