More Combo door cars

Chad Boas

I have posted pictures of the sides for the Brianard Built NP, the CB&Q and the riveted and welded GN combo door sides. These will be avalible withing a week or so. The "kit" will be just the sides. I am casting the sides without the right side door. The NP will come with a seporate 5/5/5 door. The others will need a 4/5/5 door from Intermountain or Branchline. The GN has a 6' plug door. To finish the car, you will need Branchline ends, roof and ladders and a flor from Accurail.
The kits will be $13 plus $1 for S/H each. As usuall, please keep sales questions off list and send them to me.
Thanks, Chad Boas

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