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In 2003 I built a Branchline factory painted and lettered kit of Erie 86012 (NEW 11-52). The kit came with a silver or aluminum colored roof and running board. At the time, Branchline enjoyed a reputation for accuracy in their paint and lettering schemes. Also roof paint info was scant at best in RMJ or any other published source. I retained the roof in the factory color. In 2006 from an undec kit I built 86296 and painted it to match. Scalecoat II Boxcar Red #2 was a perfect match to the Branchline factory paint.

Did Branchline really miss this one or is there more info out there?

Steve Hoxie
Pensacola FL

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Presuming you model after 1952 (which I recall you do), Erie 86026 is
from 86000-86499. They were 40' AAR all-steel box cars built by Erie
August to November 1952. Inside height 10'-3 3/4", 7' door openings,
10-panel riveted sides, Improved Dreadnaught Ends (R+3/4 early
version), Youngstown doors/Camel door hardware, diagonal panel roof.
Truck centers 30'-8 1/2".

Car 86026 came with an Ajax hand brake and wood flooring (86000-86399).
The last 100 cars had Champion Peacock hand brakes and Nailable Steel
Floors. A-3 Ride Control trucks (86000-86199). Other cars had snub-up
trucks (86200-86399) or Barber S-2 (last 100 cars).

The Erie diagram does not specify the type of running boards. A photo
of 86499 in the Erie/DL&W color guide book shows U.S. Gypsum. A photo
of 86296 available from Richard Burg also shows a U.S. Gypsum running
board. The cars in both photos appear to be in original paint with
mineral red sides and black roof & ends. Instead of the door placards
being centered in the high position, the placards were offset to the
left of center.

The car would probably best be modeled using Branchline's 10'-6" box
car, however, the height of the car from rail to top of the running
board was 14'-10" whereas the common dimension for 10'-6" standard AAR
box cars was 15'-0"/15'-1". Hope this provides what you are looking
Ed Hawkins

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