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I sure wish you had worded that differently or started a new thread. One could easily assume you were talking about me - a situation that can easily ruin one's (mine) reputation. I specifically posted to avoid that and to date, most have told me to just hold the order until ready. I'm currently not even depositing checks until I start getting material back from the printer.

BTW: we think the problems are isolated with cyan only so they're going to try to print work this week that does not require it.

Jerry Glow
The Villages FL

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And also takes your money in full knowledge and then ignores emails for the
last 6 months. Even more irritating is that he tells you he has all your
decals in stock, then after receiving, in my case $68 in cash, mails to say
his printers are broken and that it will be several months before they are

Barry Bennett

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Thank you for your timely heads-up!
I hope your print source is able to resolve this soon...

I've had great service from Jerry on several past orders...
and appreciate his ethical approach to this niche business.

This is in stark contrast to at least one other decal supplier...
who kept (keeps?) taking orders AFTER his own ALPS printer(s) failed,
hoping (unrealistically) to amass enough backorders to fund a new one.

Richard Brennan
<somewhere between Budapest and Shenzhen>

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