ADMIN: Spam and Manufacturer's Business Practices


There are several issues that need to be addressed by the STMFC Management.

1. As several members have noted, there has been a significant increase in the spammer activity as seen on the STMFC. The vast majority of these spam messages are associated with Yahoo accounts and the source is a legitimate member of the STMFC. The policy of the STMFC is to notify the owner of the address of the problem and to place the member in Moderate Jail. This action will stop additional messages from being posted on the STMFC but, regretfully, the STMFC mgt may continue to receive moderate messages from the offending account until it is fixed. STMFC mgt will remove the offending member if the amount of activity warrants such action. With that in mind, I would suggest to the members that you check your anti virus software.

2. Barry Bennett, among others, is not satisfied with a vendor/manufacturer's operation.

As many members are aware...thankfully...the group's rules state "Criticism of a manufacturer's business
practices is, however, not within the scope of the group."

However, note the additional group rule:

admin, security, or "policing" functions will be conducted only by myself or
my representatives."

IOW, members are not free to criticize a manufacturer's business practices. STMFC mgt definitely does NOT want to referee a discussion regarding the business practices of a vendor/manufacturer. However, the group's management does reserve the right and, in fact, has the responsibility to issue warnings about any practice that a vendor/manufacturer may impose that is detrimental to the members. Management is very aware that this function should be only rarely exercised and conclusive evidence must be present for it to do so.

Given the above, if a member believes a vendor/manufacturer is exercising a business practice that the member believes to be detrimental to the members, this information should be sent to myself or my assistant at:

3. In keeping with the procedure indicated above, STMFC mgt has received the following information that it feels warrants being passed to the members.

"At the last Prototype Rails, I and others purchased Sunshine kits. [ note that Sunshine was not present...STMFC mgt ]. One of my five later proved to be missing the decal sheet. I sent the certificate and $3 to Sunshine asking for another decal sheet. I said in the letter that if the decals would cost more, please so inform me. After eight weeks passed, I received my check back voided, and a three paragraph hand-written but unsigned letter saying that Sunshine would not support "aftermarket" customers because of inability to control the quality of kits which might have been looted of parts, and that my only recourse is to seek a refund from the seller."

Note that the buyer bought a kit...not a built model. Also, the buyer indicated that if Sunshine no longer had the decal in question that the buyer would have no complaint. And, in this case, the buyer was perfectly willing to pay for the decal and, apparently, it was still available.

My concern is that many members on the STMFC own and possibly buy/sell Sunshine kits. Buyers of Sunshine kits need to be aware that Sunshine does not support after market purchases...even if they do have parts.

Mike Brock

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