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Santa Fe Conditionaire cars made cool orange juice on the bottom

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Dear Group...

Even though this subject is in the "Future"(1964)and doesn't exist on the
list, I wanted to see what the Group thought of it.

I found this item on page 70 of the November, 1964 issue of Model
Railroader Magazine:

After various experiments, U. S. Steel, working with the Pennsylvania RR.,
tried spraying cars in ore service with polyurethane. Thus far tests have
shown that these cars keep iron ore from freezing for 100 hours at
temperatures down to 5 degrees.

My questions are as follows:

a)...What other railroads, if any, tried this covering?
Better sneak this in before the sheriff notices the 1964 date. This may not
have been a successful use of urethane foam, but that didn't keep several
roads from applying it to the outside of Centerflow hoppers to make
insulated covered hoppers. The NP used theirs for shipping potatoes, which
only need to be kept from freezing. The Santa Fe also had some, although I
don't know what product they were intended for.

I can't find a prototype photo on the web, but Digital Fox has done custom
runs of the ATSF, NP, and BN repaints of the NP cars using Accurail 4600s.
See the BN cars here:

Boy, freight cars sure will be getting ugly in the future.

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