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O Fenton Wells

Andy, a few unbuilt!!!!! I wish. I finally realized that I would be long
gone from this world before I ever built my inventory. I don't know what I
was thinking but I do love the kits and still buy a few even though I have
sold many. I think they call people like me delusional. Last count I'm
down to a paltry 50 or so. Around 100 if you count F&C, Westerfield and
Speedwitch. I may need counselling.....or more bourbon.
Fenton Wells
On Tue, May 1, 2012 at 1:14 PM, Andy Harman <> wrote:


At 12:47 PM 5/1/2012 -0400, you wrote:

My concern is that many members on the STMFC own and possibly buy/sell
Sunshine kits. Buyers of Sunshine kits need to be aware that Sunshine does
not support after market purchases...even if they do have parts.
I do have a few unbuilt Sunshine kits that I probably will never use and
that I would like to sell. I guess I should include this caveat in my
auction listing.....


Fenton Wells
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