Sunshine's Business Practices

John Hagen <sprinthag@...>

Tom and group.

Certainly Martin can have any policy he wants. But to not support his own
product seems counterproductive to me. Now that is just my opinion which
could be very incorrect in your opinion.

I understand the lack of desire to support those who buy a kit from an
outside source. But then, as stated, reselling of resin kits (or any kit or
RTR for that matter) is a rather common practice. My thought is if someone
buys an unbuilt kit that I produced and sold to someone at one point, I
would try to b e very helpful to anyone willing to purchase any missing
parts. The guy wasn't asking for free decals, just decals. What if the kit
had the decals and the modeler damaged one when installing them? A customer
is a valued thing in this day and age. Someone who buys a kit from whoever
and enjoys building it into a satisfactory model will be a very potential
customer for more kits that he/she would order direct from me. I gotta tell
you that if it was me that bought that kit it would be the last I'd buy.
Unless, maybe, if I needed a certain kit and Sunshine was the only game in
town. Even then I'd reassess my need for that particular model.

Yep, he can run his business any way he pleases and I can buy from anyone I

John Hagen

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This is a sticky issue because a large percentage of all resin kits end up
changing hands before they are built. (If they ever are!) And there's no way
Martin can track even his own sales at RPM meets and shows. But that doesn't
mean he can't have a policy of only supporting the original purchaser. It's
one thing to ask for a replacement if you bought the kit from Martin, but if
it was a private transaction you should assume someone else has unwrapped
and repackaged the kit, so it's buyer beware.

Tom Madden

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