Re: Sunshine's Business Practices

Tim O'Connor


Martin supports his products by many means. But it's a home business and there's
only so much time and effort and resources available. For example, decals are not
made "on demand" -- He produces a batch of them based on his estimated lifetime
sales of the model, perhaps with a little extra. When he finally discontinues the kit
(most kits have a steep drop-off in sales after the first year of production) then if has
parts or decals left over, he brings them to the many RPM meets he attends. As you
say, if this does not suit you, no one is forcing you to buy the kits.

Tim O'Connor

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From: "John Hagen" <sprinthag@...>

Certainly Martin can have any policy he wants. But to not support his own
product seems counterproductive to me.

John Hagen

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