Re: ADMIN: Spam and Manufacturer's Business Practices

Andy Harman

At 02:48 PM 5/2/2012 +0000, you wrote:

This is a sticky issue because a large percentage of all resin kits end up changing hands before they are built. (If they ever are!) And there's no way Martin can track even his own sales at RPM meets and shows. But that doesn't mean he can't have a policy of only supporting the original purchaser.
Well if he doesn't track sales, and individually serialize the kits, how would he know the person is or is not the original purchaser unless he says so?

All of my Sunshine kits were purchased direct at past Naperville shows. But some of them may soon be second hand - in particular cars that have been done in styrene like the Milwaukee rib-side and B&O M-53. The best I can do when selling them is take good photos of all of the parts, and make the sale as-is. I suppose if I were to start building a kit I purchased in 1997 and discovered it's missing a part, I'd be screwed anyway.


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