Re: ADMIN: Spam and Manufacturer's Business Practices

Tim O'Connor

I'm not sure exactly what you mean, Mike. If a decal were MISSING from a kit I bought
from him, then I'm sure Martin would provide it, if he still had the decal. And he might even
offer a refund for the returned kit if he could not provide that decal anymore. But in your
example where you bought kit X.1 and you really wanted the lettering from X.2 -- and I
have been in that situation -- Martin does not feel any obligation to provide decal #2 if he
doesn't have a spare one on hand, and that seems perfectly fair to me. In the past I have
been able to get -some- decals from Martin, but in other cases he has said no. But I think
his business practices are reasonable and fair. But anyone (myself included) who buys
second-hand stuff on Ebay or whatever... that is Buyer Beware territory!

Tim O'Connor

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From: "Mike Brock" <brockm@...>

If the issue was that Sunshine could not maintain parts including decals for
any reason...fine, the complainer would have no problem in that case.
However, there was no mention of this situation in the reply. Indeed, the
reply indicated that Sunshine WOULD supply decals to an original buyer. Mind
you, the complainer attempted to purchase the decal.

MIke Brock

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