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Nelson Moyer <ku0a@...>

Sunshine replacement policy seems to have changed, because I was given a kit
as a gift a couple of years ago, opened it about a year later, found that
the top edge of one box car side was distorted, returned it for a
replacement with payment, and was eventually sent a replacement side. I
built the car and ruined one of the decals, sent a request for replacement
with payment, and was sent a replacement decal sheet. Decal replacement was
less than a year ago. Maybe two orders totaling fifty cars in the past two
years helped my chances?

Nelson Moyer

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Tom Madden writes:

"It's one thing to ask for a replacement if you bought the kit from Martin,
but if it was a private transaction you should assume someone else has
unwrapped and repackaged the kit, so it's buyer beware."

Well, that's a valid assumption...although I did purchase from Pittsburgh
Scale Models a model of a UP flat car...only to find a C&O decal

UP one. Yes, I did get a UP decal replacement. Nevertheless, I don't think
it's a case of buyer beware. I mean, it's always that case, isn't it? I
mean, if Sunshine had replied that they had no decal replacements, no
problem. I am actually surprised that they did have replacements...although
not for the complainer. And, that is the problem.

Tim O'Connor says:

"For example, decals are not
made "on demand" -- He produces a batch of them based on his estimated
sales of the model, perhaps with a little extra. When he finally
discontinues the kit
(most kits have a steep drop-off in sales after the first year of
production) then if has
parts or decals left over, he brings them to the many RPM meets he attends."

If the issue was that Sunshine could not maintain parts including decals for

any reason...fine, the complainer would have no problem in that case.
However, there was no mention of this situation in the reply. Indeed, the
reply indicated that Sunshine WOULD supply decals to an original buyer. Mind

you, the complainer attempted to purchase the decal.

MIke Brock

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