Freight Car Repair Budget Decline on the Great Northern in 1934

gary laakso

Great Northern filed an application with the Interstate Commerce Commission to approve a 4% loan from the Federal Emergency Administration for $5,125,985 in March, 1934. The application included $669,495 for freight car equipment repairs (inflation adjusted its $11,460,955).

The application noted that GN had spent annually 1922-29 $6,455,759 for freight car repairs and only $2,985,017. This 46% reduction in freight car expenditures came on a freight car mileage decline of only 13%.

Obviously, the loan would not make up for the years of declining maintenance but it does provide a strong basis for GN's huge purchases of double sheathed boxcars starting in 1937. I may need to weather my Westerfield and F& C truss rod boxcars more!

gary laakso
south of Mike Brock

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