Re: "The Nickel Plate Story" 1953

Ray Breyer

Just finished watching "The Nickel Plate Story" 1953 on You Tube. The item that caught my eye was at 5 minutes
and 21 seconds into the film. NKP 32082 rolled by, a panel side hopper on it's way to the coal docks. I didn't know
the NKP had panel side hoppers. Can someone shed some light on the history of these cars?
Regards.....David Henderson

Hi David,

Sure can! NKP 32000-32149 were rebuilt by the NKP from their 30750-31749 composite hoppers (the larger of their two series of composite twins, built by Pressed Steel in 1923). The Conneaut shops rebuilt them all from kit sides between January and April 1936.

These cars are a bit different than most conventional panel side hoppers, in that they only have six panels per side. When they were rebuilt their wood slope sheets and ends were replaced with corrugated ends from retired 36 foot DS boxcars. The cars are definitely a scratchbuilding project!

The cars wore two paint schemes that I've been able to determine, with 1945-1950 being the general changeover period.

The cars didn't last very long overall. While their USRA twins and conventionally rebuilt composite hoppers lasted right through 1964, these panel rebuilds were gone by 1955 (three remaining in that ORER).

Hope this helps!
Ray Breyer
Elgin, IL

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