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Ed – I’ve visited the Municipal Archives in my research for my Bronx elevated line. It has thousands of photos of real estate taken in 1941 for valuation purposes on microfilm. By cross referencing the plot books you can narrow your search down to specific blocks. I now have dozens of photocopies of buildings to accurately model the background of my modules. – Al Westerfield

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I saw a news story about this on TV a couple of weeks ago.

The searches that I did - freight cars, box cars, coal cars, freight yards .....were disappointing.

Several years ago there was a TV program on the NYC municipal channel where they showed several hundred old photos of NYC in an hour, accompanied by modern music. Each photo was displayed for about 5 seconds. Each sequence was repeated or a lot more photos would have been showed in each program.

Every so often there would be a railroad themed picture, like the freight yard in Manhattan where Lincoln center is located now (Joe Collias has a couple of nice STMFC photos taken in that yard). Ditto for the freight yard near the Bronx zoo and the Sunnyside yards.

Ed Mines

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