Re: Kadee's new generation of trucks

Andy Harman

At 01:15 AM 5/9/2012 +0000, you wrote:
I don't have any of the new generation of Kadee two-piece trucks as yet. Are they impregnated with metal and do they the brake rigging?
I have installed them on a few cars, they look great but take some getting used to. The self-centering mounting system is sort of a built-in suspension. It doesn't play nice with other mechanisms like the Reichart pivot washers I like to use - it wants you to snug up the included screw tight against the bolster, so it wants a flat bolster surface. You may need to shorten the screw that comes with the trucks as well.

Then again, I never really had any complaints about their classic line of sprung trucks either. The new ones look better and run as well or better IF you go with their setup, but they aren't necessarily a drop-on replacement for previous setups.


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