Re: The wait for Sunshine kits

O Fenton Wells

Andy, I have had relative good luck with Ted. I purchased several kits off
eBay and got quick shipping and some additional parts I needed for my
Southern endeavours. I also have 7 or 8 of his kits from when he was up
and running ( a few years ago) that I still have to build. Lets hope he
gets his feet back under him as he is, at least in my opinion, an excellent
kit maker and a superb builder. I still refer to his RMC series on the
Essential Freight Cars.
Fenton Wells
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At 03:42 PM 5/8/2012 -1000, you wrote:
Ted produced many superb kits and exited for reasons outside of business.
I ended up with a grand total of two... the Wabash box car and the N&W
gondola. I was just thumbing through his ebay (completed) listings... I
could have used that P&WV postwar box car but oh well. I only bought from
him directly at shows, which is how I bought all my Sunshine stuff... so
there was never a question of availability. Someone contacted me last year
and said they could get me some of Ted's 6' 7-panel Superior doors which I
needed for something, but never heard back.


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