Re: Accurail 40' Steel Plug Door Refrigerator Car

Bill Welch


The Accurail Sliding door refrigerator car is correct for FGE, WFE and BRE. I am not sure if Accurail has issued models with the correct stenciling for this list's era as yet which would be the faceted and distinct Optic style.

The cars would been seen wherever produce was being either loaded or shipped to on the PRR. Given their numbers, maybe 1200-1500 cars owned by the 3 companies versus about 16,000 total FGE/WFE/BRE system fleet ownership in 1954 I would not say they would have been seen in large numbers.

Bill Welch

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Hello Friends,
I read with interest a review in the June 2012 issue of "Model Railroader". On page 72 Steven Otte reviews a Accurail 40'Steel Plug Door Reefer. He states the Prototype for this Kit was The BREX car built by FGEX. I understand WFEX, BREX,and FGEX companies were related. My question is, "Is this car close enough for FGEX cars?" Accurail is offering a lot of paint schemes for this car. What paint schemes are prototypical and which ones are "Foobies". Would these cars have been seen in large numbers on the Pennsy between Fort Wayne and Pittsburgh around 1955? I'm planning to model Forest, Dunkirk, Dola, and Ada,Ohio on the Pennsy's Fort Wayne Division.
Ray Thibaut

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