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Craig Zeni

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6c. Re: Kadee's new generation of trucks
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Date: Wed May 9, 2012 9:17 am ((PDT))

At 07:15 PM 5/8/2012 -0700, you wrote:
to the track, making them easier to re-rail. All in all, the kind of
engineering excellence we have come to expect from Kadee, and they
are gradually replacing the older trucks with them.
Has anyone installed code 88 wheels in these yet? I was looking at the
Reboxx web site and they recommended a 1.115" axle length for the older
Kadee trucks. I tried them in a pair of the new A3s and there is too much
play - although the Kadee axle measures at about 1.115" tip to tip, the
smaller diameter and point on the Reboxx axle just rattles around in the
Kadee journal. I'm thinking they're going to need 1.125 or 1.130. My
current policy on code 88 wheels is that I will try to always use them on
any open-ended car... hopper, tank car, etc where the wheel profile is
visible, and I'll use them on a box car or gondola if the kit comes with
them in the correct trucks but otherwise I'll use code 110.
Why not use the ones designed to fit - the Kadee Code 88 wheels?

With the HGC sideframes the Kadee trucks roll as well as anything on the market....very smooth runners.

I'll also second the comment on Peter Aue's drill template for the Kadee bracket grabs...


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