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A lot of those articles were in Mainline Modeler, a magazine that for the time produced some cutting edge modelling, IMHO.

Two gentlemen on this list should take a bow here.

I have two of Dennis Storzek's CN steel-frame boxcars. Still to me, one of the nicest, best detailed, and easy-to-assemble resin kits that I've ever built.

Al Westerfield was a prolific maker of resin kits, which were likewise easy to build, and dead accurate models. What can I add? Still nice models by today's standards.

Gould Company was likely the first to make a well-detailed styrene kit in HO that was better than brass in detail. I don't know the chronological order, but the 120-ton Industrial wrecking crane and USRA steel-frame boxcar were leaders in commercially made prototype STMFC kits. And Gould's tank car, though a model of a car which was never built, nonetheless set a new standard for a STMFC model. Criticise it all that you want to--how many of us on this list that model in HO scale don't have at least one?? Tweak the Tichy tank car kit a little, and it makes a nice "War Emergency" car.

Steve Lucas.

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There was a flurry articles by various members of the RPI's NEB&W club
in the early to mid 1980's that started the ball rolling for me. Not
long after, the Storzek Soo Line and Rutland DS box car kits in resin
came along. That was when I turned my back on Athearn blue box kits

- - Mark

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