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The advantage to THICK .025 wire is it won't bend easily,I've had craftsmen kits with .008 brass wire for truss rods.I use .011 because thats the size of the first string on my guitar,its spring steel/music wire and is free,go to a music store and ask for an old acoustic guitar string the diameter you desire or from musician friend or buy a steel string for guitar.

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Let's see now, 0.025 in. wire is equivalent to 2.25 in. in HO scale. Those
are some bodacious truss rods!


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At the recommendation of a modeler better than me I used

.025" music wire from K&S Engineering. You can find it at Walthers.

The good thing about this is its steel just like the prototype.

Bob Moeller

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In the end I used music wire.
What diameter did you use and where did you get it?

Ed Mines

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