Re: History of Prototype Freight Car Modeling

Andy Harman

At 05:26 PM 5/9/2012 +0000, you wrote:
commercially made prototype STMFC kits. And Gould's tank car, though a model of a car which was never built, nonetheless set a new standard for a STMFC model. Criticise it all that you want to--how many of us on this list that model in HO scale don't have at least one??
I bought one when it was first released and all the rage, still under the Gould label. I never built it because I really didn't know what to do with it - back then I just tended to buy anything I thought was cool. I had no prototype photos of the car, but didn't realize nobody had any.... I finally ebayed it a few years ago. I wish now I had kept it for my wife, who is pretty much just into tank cars of any era - I think she would have enjoyed building it. She just finished her RYM acid car officially last week.


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