Re: History of Prototype Freight Car Modeling

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One thing I've often wondered about is the lack of builder's photos after
the steam era. It seems like the practice of taking high quality photos of
the class car at the builder faded quickly after 1960. Either that or else
they are simply not as accessible as the earlier ones. That has created a
considerable gap between this era and the digital camera / film-free era in
terms of coverage. Modeling the 1940s and 50s seems to actually be easier
than modeling the 60s and 70s - not just in terms of available models but
in terms of available photos.
I donno, Andy, I'm sitting here at my desk looking at a set Pullman - Standard took in 1976. The difference is, these aren't free off the web, one actually has to pay money for them.

P-S took builders photos until the day they folded, as I'm sure the other builders did, also. The difference is, many of the recent photos are still held by the corporations that own them, and may not be generally available.

There are a bunch of late era (future to this list) P-S photos in the collection of the Pullman Library at the Illinois Railway Museum.


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