Re: History of Prototype Freight Car Modeling

Andy Harman

At 08:13 PM 5/9/2012 +0000, you wrote:

I donno, Andy, I'm sitting here at my desk looking at a set Pullman - Standard took in 1976. The difference is, these aren't free off the web, one actually has to pay money for them.
You say this as if I've never paid for a photo, which you have no way of knowing.

P-S took builders photos until the day they folded, as I'm sure the other builders did, also. The difference is, many of the recent photos are still held by the corporations that own them, and may not be generally available.
That's the thing, availability. I don't mind paying for photos but they need to be available and I need to be sure they are the right thing since I don't just go buy thousands of photos at a time hoping there's something useful in there - although buying a book can be that way on a smaller scale. But usually I can use most of what is published in a book, it's what's not in the book that is the fun part.

The one car I am having the most trouble finding as-built photos of is OT for this list. Interestingly the cars still exist and I can get plenty of (free) 21st century photos of them. Never been able to find a builders photo or any photo of it as-built. Even the kit maker doesn't have one.


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