Re: History of Prototype Freight Car Modeling


Bill Welch wrote:

As some of you will remember from posts I made in the fall of 2011, I
want to put together materials to create a history of modeling freight
cars more accurately and more prototypically. I now have some good
materials about the early offerings of Al Westerfield and the materials
that publicized the releases of Westrail and Dennis Storzek. F&C is
putting some materials together for me and I will be talking w/Martin
about Sunshine's initial offerings.

Here are somethings I need your help with.

Bill Clouser's articles on using rubber molds and polyester (was that
the material?) to make copies of parts, components, etc. Not sure of the
dates or how many articles there were. Ned scans of at least one of
In addition to Bill Clouser's articles I personally believe that Jack
Work should be added to the list of early pioneers. I recall his was the
first article published describing how to cast detail parts to match a
specific prototype. He built a wood flat car and cast the parts to
represent the pawl and ratchet, stack pockets, and the nut and bolt
detail for the truss rods. He introduced the concept of spending a lot
of time to make very good "masters" and then cast many duplicates for
the model. His articles were published in MR.

Bob Witt

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