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Bill – That was one of the Westerfield models offered for many years. John Stewart loaned me the blueprints to do the doors. – Al Westerfield

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the F&C models represent rebuilds of the X26 with Hutchins roof and steel doors spliced from 4-ft doors harvested from X28's to replace the original wood doors?

Bill Welch

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Is there a reason for the release of a second resin X26. The new owner of
the Westerfield line should have them available again at some point. Were
there issues with the PRR version of the USRA car from Westerfield? Thanks.

Dave Pfeiffer

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We worked with Steve on both of these cars. We'll give a report on them
after the PRRT&HS Annual Meet next week, so you can get the details.

Elden Gatwood

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