West India Fruit & Steamship 100 Series Question

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I have a question on the West India Fruit & Steamship 100 series 1923 ARA boxcars. According to Sunshine Models PDS #102a, for Kit 102.12. These cars were purchased from the High Point Thomas & Denton in Early 1949. Per the PDS: "The HPT&D had 24 of their 400 series cars in 1948 but began to dispose of them thereafter". The two photos of car # 104 show w re-weigh date of 3-49. Both photos show cars that look like they were in use for at least a year not a couple months? The paint is dull and there is slight weathering to the left side. Were these 10 cars acquired from HPT&D to WIF Actually purchased in Early 1949 (January-March) or was it more like mid-late 1948? I am just curious since it seems that Re-Painted and Re-Lettered cars, one or two months old would look a bit newer in appearance than what the photos show in March 1949.


Eric Thur

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