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Armand – You can improve the look of the angled tubing method the way I did: 1, round the edges with a file; and 2, after applying to the car add a drop of cyanoacrylate; it will migrate more to the sides and when it evaporates you’ll have the look of a stamping. – Al Westerfield

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Thank you gentlemen.I had been using Westerfield's poling pockets,but my
supply has been exhausted.I'll try some of your suggestions. Armand Premo
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Al Westerfield used to sell them as a separate part, don't know if the new
owner offers the same thing

Poling pockets have a lot of variation in styles. I've successfully made
my own by two methods
1. Stamping them in 0.005 inch styrene using a piece of brass tubing
2. Cutting off a angled pice of styrene tube and gluing them a piece of
styrene as above

Rivets can be done with a rivet tool or Archer

Roger Hinman
On May 13, 2012, at 1:33 PM, appremo wrote:

Does anyone know of a source for poling pockets for some scratch building
projects? Armand Premo

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