Re: D&RGW PS-1's? (Was History of Prototype Freight Car Modeling: Kurtz Kraft)

Dan Sweeney Jr

Charles and Ed,
Thank you for confirming my fears. Will have to send this very attractive model to the paint shop for something a lot less flashy. As Ed was less than fully impressed with the Kurtz Kraft model's fidelity to prototype (other than the ends, see RMJ March 1993), the repaint task will be a low priority.
Dan Sweeney, Jr.
Alexandria, VA

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Agreed: cheap, fun-to-build, and beautiful lettering. Not so sure about authenticity of lettering. Was unable to resist a very attractive silver and gold (not Cookie Box) D&RGW PS-1 with 7' proprietary door, numbered 69602. Have not been able to verify that this isn't a foobie. Any D&RGW fans know for sure? Thanks.
Dan Sweeney, Jr.
Alexandria, VA

Hi Dan,

In 1957 there were 2290 XMs in DRGW 67500-69899. There are a lot of photos of this series - I just looked at a sample that I had on hand; they had 6 foot doors, riveted sides with 12 panels per side, and straight sidesills. I don't think they were PS-1s ;) Some of the steam-era photos were in the silver and gold and some were not; the silver and gold is said to have first made an appearance in August of 1956 (see message 28144).

Hope this helps,

Charles Hostetler

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