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All older GN stock cars built before WWII seem to have the Howe pattern to the side braceing including the 58000 series. Cars rebuilt from box cars in the 1950's had Pratt braceing.

Staffan Ehnbom

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John Allyn wrote:
"The recollection was correct as to source; it was vague for details. Of course
this assumes that MR was correct. From the October, 1962 issue of Model
Railroader, page 16:

"The prototype for the Lindberg 40-foot stock car appears to be a car built by
the Pressed Steel Car Co. in the mid-twenties. The lettering identifies the car
as having an AAR class SM designation, which means that it is a single deck car
for on the hoof stock, with side doors and with or without water or feed
troughs. We were unable to find plans or photos to check this series of car, but

its dimensions and detailing compared favorably with cars of almost identical
design. In later years (early 1940's) the 42000-series cars of the GN [the
accompanying photo showed a model numbered 42734] are listed as boxcars and all
stock equipment has 55000, 56000, 57000, and 58000 numbers."

We can eliminate the 55000, 56000, 57000, and 58000 series - all of these cars
were "Pratt truss" cars vice the "Howe truss" of this model. I have nothing
on any GN 42000-series stock cars; I sent Staffan a model photo off-list to give
him a reference to work from.

"So I think that we're safe in assuming no particular prototype for this car."

From the point of view of Lindberg's intent, yes, but you can sure build some
convincing MILW stock cars from this model. I've done a quick and dirty kitbash
following the Swanson RMC article and am happy with the results.

Ben Hom

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