Re: Turn of the century freight car wheels

O Fenton Wells

Thanks Tom. Did the cast iron and wroght iron overheat when decending a
steep grade?
Fenton Wells
On Tue, May 15, 2012 at 12:22 PM, Tom Vanwormer <robsmom@...> wrote:


Mostly cast iron, some were wrought iron. Some of the eastern roads had
started to switch to steel.
Tom VanWormer

srrfan1401 wrote:

Gentlemen, does anyone know what metal was used in fright car wheels
around the turn of the 20'th centruy? I'm talking about the year 1900.
I am interested because of the heat characteristics that the metal
would have had as the trains decended a steep grade. I understand the
early wheels heated up rapidly causing a safety hazard on early cars
on steep grades as a train decended. Also when were air brakes
required to be on all freight cars?
Any help is appreciated.
Fenton Wells

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