Re: Did L&N have a signature box car?

Ed Hawkins

On May 15, 2012, at 11:08 PM, Aaron Gjermundson wrote:

If I were to have just one L&N box car on a circa 1953 layout, what
type of box car should it be?

The L&N fleet was 50% steel cars in 1950, so I imagine an AAR car
would have been the dominant type. Single sheathed cars were about 19%
of the fleet, with double sheathed cars accounting for 30% of the
roster. Pretty good mix.

Did the L&N have a signature box car?
If based purely on quantity, then the L&N box car for 1953 should
probably be a PS-1. L&N had 2,000 40' PS-1s built in 1950-1951 with 6'
door openings and 2,200 more built in 1952 with 8' door openings.
Another 1,000 40' PS-1s with 8' door openings followed in late 1953 if
this falls within your time period. The road also had 1,344 1937 AAR
box cars built in the early 1940s and 1,800 10'-6" AAR box cars with
4/4 Improved Dreadnaught Ends built in 1946-1947. Models of these cars
have been produced by Kadee, Red Caboose, and Branchline Trains (now
Atlas), respectively. However, if "signature" means "distinctive to
L&N" then these common cars aren't what you're looking for since other
railroads had thousands of these types of cars.

If "signature" means a box car unique to L&N built in significant
quantities, then your answer may be the 40' steel rebuilds of 1923 ARA
single-sheathed box cars. From 1939 to 1941 L&N rebuilt approximately
2,500 1923 ARA box cars as 10' IH all-steel box cars (equivalent to
1937 AAR box cars in capacity). They received 10-panel riveted steel
sides, Murphy panel roofs, and new Youngstown doors, but they were
distinctive in appearance using original ends (two different types,
Murphy and Dreadnaught) that were extended. The Jan. 1953 ORER lists
2,454 of these cars in series 93000-97099. The Sunshine kits 64.10
through 64.13 replicate these cars in HO scale.

Perhaps a difficult decision if you must limit yourself to just one L&N
box car.
Ed Hawkins

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