Re: More.....RPM


You know Dennis ...... I don't even know what to say to you...
Did you at least grasp the point?!

I swear if I held a diamond in my hand you would see my dirty fingernails!

So let's just state this in so many words; I don't CARE if there is a lack of precision in the extraneous and superfluous words I use because I expect smart people to extrapolate the real point I'm attempting to make! Even you!

In this case the point is about property and what can apparently happen to it in International Law! Not about molds! Who cares about molds?! They are incidental to the point!! And we all, ALREADY, know how molds are made and used!

Some of you guys are addicted to minutia! Do you not have lives? Is this all you do - sit on your computers and wait for someone to NOT live up to your standard of fidelity and precision in language? I have many friends who no longer belong to any groups because of this kind of esss aitch eye tea! But I'm stupid! I keep coming back here and hoping to contribute something meaningful. Do you just not have any consideration as to how disrespectful you are being?

You are like the "nice" person who slows down and stops in traffic to let someone from a side street or driveway enter their lane - and they didn't even ask the 10 drivers they've held up behind them if that was okay with them. Nice person my Bleeeep!

Don't like my bark? Don't pull my tail!

Derrell Poole

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