Re: Did L&N have a signature box car?


Aaron --
I'd agree with Ed and Tony that a PS-1 or perhaps a 1937 AAR boxcar would
be a most likely L&N representative for a 1953 era layout.

But for L&N's "signature" boxcar, consider their 36-foot double-sheathed
car. At nearly 6000 cars, these cars were L&N's most populous steam-era
design. Built between 1913 and 1923 and spread across several builders and
number series, they were initially about evenly split between standard boxcars
and ventilator boxcars; the ventilators were to standard boxcars in the
early 40s.

Over 2700 of them were still operating in 1948, with mass retirements
occurring in the early 50s. If you want something a bit more distinctive than
the commonplace PS-1, these are cool looking little cars, and a respectable
number were still running in 1953. Sunshine's kit #85.1 nicely models the

Look for an article on modeling this car in the next issue of the L&NHS

Bob Chapman

Aaron writes:
If I were to have just one L&N box car on a circa 1953 layout, what type
of box car should it be?

The L&N fleet was 50% steel cars in 1950, so I imagine an AAR car would
have been the dominant type. Single sheathed cars were about 19% of the
fleet, with double sheathed cars accounting for 30% of the roster. Pretty good

Did the L&N have a signature box car?

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