Re: Did L&N have a signature box car?

Bill Welch

I am a little prejudiced when it comes to this RR, a line that was about #20 in the number of boxcars owned and is more known perhaps as a coal hauler. It was also the 4th largest builder of steam locomotives among the RR's that built their own steam.

Among their steel cars were rebuilds of their "Pratt" trussed SS cars and Sunshine offers this rebuild w/both Murphy and 3/5 Dreadnaught ends. BTW the DS cars were all 36-ft boxcars from two designs, both of which were built in Ventilated car forms as well. They also 100 50-ft SS cars.

Quiz, who were the top 3 RR builders of steam locomotives? In order?

Bill Welch

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If I were to have just one L&N box car on a circa 1953 layout, what type of box car should it be?

The L&N fleet was 50% steel cars in 1950, so I imagine an AAR car would have been the dominant type. Single sheathed cars were about 19% of the fleet, with double sheathed cars accounting for 30% of the roster. Pretty good mix.

Did the L&N have a signature box car?


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