I have some for the Q car too if you need...

Jerry Glow

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I just received my combo door car side castings from Chad today so I will place a decal order and get a check off to you first thing tomorrow. Here is my order:

6 sets CB&Q combo door car decals @ $5.00 each $30.00
3 sets GN Empire Builder combo door cars sets @ $5.00 each $15.00
1 set GN Original (slanted) decals for the 40' combo door car @ $5.00 each $ 5.00
Shipping $ 0.50

Total $50.50

What do you expect will be the turn around time on receipt of check and mailing of decals?

Were you able to work out anything with the NPRHA Store regarding their stocking of the two NP decal sets?

Later, Dave

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I just got a big back order from the print shop, them having fixed the
problem. It will take me some time to sort thru it all and get pending
orders filled and I am resuming taking new orders now that things are
back up. I can't mention new items until Friday but if you look closely,
you'll see a few - hint Hill roads among others.

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instead of the one with the notices.

Jerry Glow
The Villages FL

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