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Original Equipment Manufacturer.
As I said, I know what the acronym stands for.

So if you bought an OEM part, it was intended for sale to someone who
would package (and possibly more importantly _support_) it as part of a
larger item. The idea being that you were getting the same quality part,
just without the fancy packaging, possibly all the documentation, and the
level of markup of the same part sold as retail.
That's your definition. I'll add it to the list :-)


In the model railroad industry, back in what is fast becoming the distant past, OEM, and "OEM pricing" was used to denote the components one manufacturer would supply to another for use in his kits. The pars were first rate parts, but with no additional work; bulk packed, often counted by weight, maybe not clipped if the parts required clipping from the runner. The price was expected to be wholesale, with most of the profit wrung out, to allow the final manufacturer to make the profit on his product. It was also understood that parts sold at this price were not to be packaged and sold as parts in competition with the OEM's own parts line.

All that's changed, for the most part, because none of the people you can get on the phone in North America are really the OEM any longer; they are all importers that have goods manufactured under contract elsewhere.


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