Re: P2K Tank Cars

Richard Hendrickson

Just got bit by the P2K dating bug with a batch of 10K tanks I just
bought. This means the impossibility of telling what tanks you have without
unpacking the cars. Anyway the group of COSX I got are dated 5-46 and have
a big D-X on them. It's easy to change the 5-46 but if it's wrong (for '41)
to get rid of a large white D-X on one side. So my question is, can I live
with that big white D-X in '41 or must I remove it? For that matter is the
rest of the lettering OK or must the cars go?
Not to worry, Jon, I did the research on the lettering for those cars and
the billboard DX was current in 1941, so all you have to do is change the
reweigh dates. However, the date of 5-46 was chosen because we had a
prototype photo that showed a car with AB brakes, and it's likely that in
1941 most of the DX cars still had KC brakes (this assumption is supported
by photos in the Library of Congress archives which show COSX cars in Tulsa
during the war; where the brake equipment is visible, it's KC type).

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520

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