Re: USAX Magor flat color

Bill Kelly

Stay unconvinced.
The builder's photo in the Car Builder's Cyc, 20th edition (1957) looks
too light to be black.
The photo on facebook, USAX 38645, also looks too light to be black.
The tank car next to it looks darker.
The road wheels of the M-48s look to be about the same as the flat car.
The M-48s themselves are odd looking.
Just my two cents worth.
Bill Kelly

On Thu, 24 May 2012 21:09:24 +0000 "Bruce F. Smith" <@smithbf>

A question has come up regarding the original paint color of the
heavy duty USAX Magor flat cars built in the early 1950s. These
were painted olive for much of their lives, but a couple of folks
have indicated that they might have been black when built. A
recently posted photo on Facebook from the Baltimore NRHS seems to
show two olive drab tanks on a darker car, although I am not

Enquiring minds want to know..



Bruce F. Smith

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