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Bill – I don’t want to dampen your enthusiasm but there are few economies of scale in urethane production. New patterns would be required for each scale. Once the problem of making one scale is solved, patterns would probably be somewhat easier in another, a small saving. Each kit is individually poured, so each kit will cost X dollars whether you order 10 or 100.. You would save money only on research and instruction printing. Of course if the pattern is made by CAD and rapid prototyping, then additional scales are much easier but the up front investment is higher. – Al Westerfield

From: Bill Lane
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Subject: [STMFC] PRR Urethane kit project

I am looking for a person or group of people in another scale to piggyback
and share expenses for a PRR urethane freight car kit I am trying to get
started with a high end manufacturer. It is not economically viable to go it
alone and carry all the costs in S Scale only. Costs would be divided. You
would have to buy all of the kits in your scale. I am buying the all of the
kits in S Scale. They would come boxed with instructions ready for sale but
without trucks, couplers and decals. I would assist in getting the proper
decals made if and when the time comes.

My preference would be for someone that is interested in marketing it in HO
but it really does not matter to me. My choices for the other scale are HO
or O - sorry not N Scale. I understand this car has been made previously in
urethane in HO (possibly in Brass - I am not sure) and O Scale in brass by
Pacific Limited but perhaps there is room and a market for a new offering

Maybe you have wanted "to make something" but do not want to do all the
heavy lifting involved with a project. Here is your chance to get your name
on a box. If things are successful there could be more coming in the future.

I am looking at getting hopefully 3 versions of this car made. The car era
spans from the 1920s to the 50s. Sorry if I am not being more forthcoming
about what the car is but I will give more details to those that are truly

Please reply ***directly*** to << with your interest
as I am mass emailing to get a wide audience. Please be sincere. I can make
this project happen pretty quickly with the proper co-partner.

Thank You,
Bill Lane

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