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Eric Hansmann


While I did not attend the recent PRR meet, I did attend the RPM-Valley Forge event a couple months back. I posted a similar message to the 1914-1941 group and must have forgotten to post it here.

The Reading box cars were available at the RPM meet and Steve Funaro presented informative prototype details.

The Reading XMp class box cars were double-sheathed cars, less than
40-foot long, with 2000 originally built between 1910-1913 by AC&F.

The Reading had several classes of XM shorties that had similarities. Total numbers reached 10,000 built. Possibly, just over 3000 of all Reading shorties were still in service through WWII.

The XMp version currently in F&C production is a rebuild with steel doors and a steel replacement roof. Many, but not all of this car class, received an all-steel roof and had wood doors replaced by all-steel doors between 1926 and 1931. Steve noted detailed car class files are available at the Reading Modeler download page.

In conversation at the RPM-Valley Forge meet, Steve noted plans to produce the similar XMr class of cars which had Murphy corrugated metal ends. 2000 XMr were originally built in 1916-1918 by Pullman and AC&F. After launching the XMp cars, he received a 250 car order/request for the XMr cars. I inquired about pre-1930s period lettering and he said that would most likely be produced with the upcoming XMr kit.

As a modeler focused on the mid-1920s, these box cars are a welcome addition to the fleet. I hope F&C come through with the XMr cars.


Eric Hansmann
New Paltz, NY

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Just curious if anyone on the list was at the PRR meeting this past weekend and if so can they report on new Funaro & Camerlengo kits? In addition to the new PRR kits they are advertising I see they have another new 36-foot boxcar kit.

Thank you!

Bill Welch

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