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I got both the G28 and X26 and both body castings are very nice. Nice fine rivet work. One-piece bodies. You may want to substitute details for your own, based on your standards.

Elden Gatwood

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Bill, Folks,

A number of STMFC listers were there including yours truly. Lots of interesting stuff going on and great models in the model room. One of the highlights was indeed F&C with 2 new PRR models, the G28 and X26. I got to their table about 4 hours after the vendor room opened and all of the G28s were gone. The X26 represents a modernized car with "cap plates" over the ends of the side braces. In addition, they had a recently released READING 36' XMp with wood or steel doors and with roof hatches/floor hopper for Hershey Cocoa service. F&C also announced the pending re-release of their 36' rebuilt New Haven boxcar as a one-piece body. They were also publicly mentioning the release of a PRR G29 in a few weeks and another PRR car in a few months.

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL
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Just curious if anyone on the list was at the PRR meeting this past weekend and if so can they report on new Funaro & Camerlengo kits? In addition to the new PRR kits they are advertising I see they have another new 36-foot boxcar kit.

Thank you!

Bill Welch

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