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This is why one must chose just who they buy from.

Alps printers that go through the trouble to draw all their own vector
artwork (as opposed to those that take an available image and print it) and
who print the color separations using "spot" colors do NOT have the "dot
matrix" pattern in their decals. Using spot colors yields a solid image,
equal to any screen printing method. A good, quality decal can be achieved
using both methods the person doing the printing truly understands the
process and has good, vector artwork to begin with.. The advantage of Alps
printers is they can economically print short runs as there is no investment
in making the screens, which on multicolor images can get costly. On the
other hand, if there is call for more than twenty-five sets/sheets, the Alps
become more expensive.

John Hagen

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Although I love having decals, I'm not sad to see the end of ALPS. I've
never been
overly happy with the ALPS "dot matrix" application of colors. Silk
screening is still
the best method and silk screen photo masks can get down to at least 1/4" in
HO scale.

Tim O'Connor

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It's a pity that ALPS decided to stop production, given the decal producing
capacity of the printers for our freight cars, etc.

Dave North

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